MediSafe LLC has been operating in the healthcare industry of Azerbaijan since 2015. The field of activity includes the sale and installation of medical equipment, clean rooms and biosafety systems, as well as design work.

MediSafe is the only company in our country that can design and install hygienic ventilation, clean rooms and biosafety systems, which have already been done in several medical institutions and laboratories so far.

It is vital to apply the hygienic ventilation systems into the food and pharmaceutical industries and the manufacture of high-sensitivity electronic devices, besides medicine. In these areas, the lack or unprofessional installation of fresh air and biosafety systems not only affects the quality of work performed, but also leads to this paralysis of this activity.

In medical institutions, improper installation of hygienic ventilation to ensure biosafety will lead to:
- spread of nosocomial infections;
- patients’ getting infected in resuscitation boxes or infection of an infected patient;
- contamination of samples in the laboratory and, thereby, obtaining false results, as well as infection of the laboratory assistant, damage to the environment;
- in the operating room, regardless of the professionalism of the surgeon, the patient may experience additional complications, such as inflammatory processes and so on.

Improper installation of ventilation systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries and the production of electronic devices also results in excessive levels of dust particles in the air and damage to the bacteriological background. This, in turn, has a devastating effect on the production process, costing millions of dollars. 

In order to prevent all these undesirable events, medical service and production enterprises in Azerbaijan can use the professional support of “MediSafe” LLC. Depending on the purpose of these facilities, “MediSafe” undertakes the design and installation of clean rooms, critical clean areas, air showers, rooms with negative or positive pressure, biosafety systems at different levels.

MediSafe is your closest “comrade-in-arms” in the fight against dust particles, which is your enemy!

In today's world of various viruses and bacteria, MediSafe can build modular cleanrooms, biosafety systems and biosafety booths, mobile HEPA and ULPA filtration devices, negatives and positive pressure boxes, quarantine rooms and quarantine halls in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and provide effective isolation of patients which are extremely vital.